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11 Early Signs of Lyme Disease to Watch For

If you’ve been outside — especially in the woods, or in grassy areas — definitely do a “tick check,” or close inspection of your skin, as soon as you get home. “It’s essential to look closely, too,” says Troyano. “Tick nymphs may resemble a ‘walking freckle,’ so stare at your arms and legs for a few minutes. Use a mirror to look at your back and other areas of your body that are not readily visible.” And definitely hop in the shower.


TSA to Scan More Than Just Laptops

The Transportation Security Administration’s pilot program is to address an increase in passengers cramming more and more stuff into their carry-on bags.

Create Bee Habitats in Parking Lots

Recognizing that “every urban center has at least 10 percent of its land use area dedicated to parking,” Bilot proposed a plan to connect rural and suburban foraging habitats of the native bees through urban parking lots. This would provide even the smallest bee with foraging opportunities through habitat corridors.