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What Will it Take to Make People Drive Their Cars Less?

I think it’s going to take a huge cost increase in driving a car to get Americans to consider less car trips.  What do you think?


How Your Neighborhood Affects How You Age

A growing body of research is focusing on environmental influences. One avenue of inquiry involves how neighborhood characteristics, such as walkability, income level, and safety, can affect people’s ability to stay healthy and benefit from “aging in place”—that is, remaining in their homes and communities, as most Baby Boomers have indicated they’d like to do.

Don’t Just Buy American, Buy Local

Communities must be designed appropriately if they wish to retain their wealth. They must have small shops, close to where people live, that are easily accessible on foot or bike. These shops must sell goods produced within the metro region, and the community itself must make enough goods to sell throughout the region.

Mind-controlled telepresence device can benefit less physically abled users

Watch this amazing video which allows those with a disability the ability to “visit” so many more places.

Harnessing the Power of Nature to Improve Our Cities

Given study after study demonstrate that access to nature can improve and even lengthen lives, it’s deeply unfair that not every community gets to have the healing benefits of nature. Plus, we must also must figure out how to reach an increasingly technology-fixated public, who are often interacting with nature through their phone’s camera.

Staying healthy during winter weather

On the surface, colder conditions don’t seem conducive to outdoor physical activity, but there are some potential pluses to keeping up an exercise regimen during winter. For instance, less heat and humidity may mean you can take a longer walk or run than usual, which can mean burning more calories.

Why Americans Aren’t Moving

The mobility of Americans has reached record lows, according the latest data from the U.S. Census.