What’s the New Carpool Etiquette?

Back in the 1960s and 70s, people understood the joys and absurdities of carpool culture (see the comic strip Blondie as one point of reference). But there are no longer accepted norms for how to treat fellow carpoolers in 2016. Thanks to ride-sharing apps, folks may no longer have qualms about sharing strangers’ cars, but that’s created an odd dynamic: When Glasnapp accepted rides for Lyft’s carpool service, he was struck by how many riders simply treated him as if he were a regular Lyft driver, not a fellow pooler. “There was no acknowledgment that I was also on my way to work,” he says. During a trip with another service, a rider bustled in with her breakfast in progress; others chatted loudly on their phones. http://bit.ly/2hRi6CF


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