Car Free Challenge Tips

Here are a few tips to help you manage the Car Free Challenge coming up September 22 – October 5. Register now at

Tip #1: Take the bus. Have you checked the bus schedule to see if you can hop on the bus for part of your commute? Cortland Transit has 7 fixed routes, 4 of which run every 30 minutes. And did you know that there are several flex routes that operate in rural parts of the County? Find the bus schedule online at

Tip #2: Park & Walk/Ride. If you’re traveling into the City of Cortland from the more rural parts of the county or even from outside the county, consider parking your car and then taking the last 1/2 mile or so by foot or bus. No matter which direction you come from there’s a parking lot that you can use. Think Riverside Plaza lot, BOCES/DMV lot, Homer Ave. lot (old P&C), or Cortlandville Crossing/Walmart. Or the parking lots at the City parks. Healthier for you and it will relieve parking congestion in the downtown area, at SUNY, and at the county office building.

Tip #3: Car-free grocery shopping. If you are going to go totally car free during the challenge then you’ll probably need to change the way you shop for groceries. Think about what’s close to work – Tops? P&C Fresh? Think about stocking up at the Farmers’ Market, or stopping more than once at the store throughout the week. What can you get at Byrne Dairy or other smaller stores that may be closer to home? For many, the challenge is an opportunity to feel like you’re in Italy or France, where going to the market every day is the norm. What is your plan?



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