Bicycle helmets

Many Europeans do not wear bicycle helmets but some states in the U.S. are making them mandatory.

What is your opinion?



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  1. I think many bicycle riders will just flout such laws, as many of them brazenly ignore other regulations. Take that case of the pedestrian who was mowed down off Main Street in Cortland (; according to the police reports, the rider was using no hands and had ear buds in, as well as illegally riding on the sidewalk in the first place where he collided with the man.

    One has only to drive two minutes on pretty much any road in the state and observe how many drivers don’t even try to conceal using their phones to talk or text to realize how futile many attempts to legislate common-sense safety are with a populace of unprincipled scofflaws.


  2. Posted by Edward Leaf on February 25, 2015 at 3:40 pm

    LOL. I grew up riding bike and never wore a helmet. However, once I became a parent it seemed unfair to make my child wear one if I didn’t. I’m not big on all these “mandates” At some point everyone needs to be accountable for their choices.I also drank from a garden hose and used my teeth to crimp my lead sinkers to my fishing line.


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