Car-Free Challenge, Tip #4

If you are going to go totally car free during the challenge, as I hope to do, then you will probably need to change the way you shop for groceries. I normally grocery shop on Saturday mornings, going to Tops and the farmers market to get a week’s worth of food.

For the challenge I plan to stop at P&C because it’s closer to my work, take the bus from there to the County Office Building and then walk the last half mile home. I will need to do this several times throughout the 2 weeks but it’s very doable. I can also walk to a nearby Byrne Dairy to pick up smaller items.

I could also stock up on frozen items before the challenge so I won’t need to get these items during the challenge.

Maybe I will feel like I’m in Italy where going to the market every day is the norm.

What is your plan?



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