Car-Free Challenge

Want to save money, feel better, and do some good? And possibly win some very cool prizes? Then join us as we tackle the Car-Free Challenge from September 12 – 25. Replace as many trips as you can that you drive alone in a vehicle with walking, bicycling, taking the bus or carpooling. The more days you go car-free the better your chance at winning some cool prizes, including an iPad. Find out more at

You can do this! Really!

Don’t think you can? All it takes is some planning ahead of time. We will be offering tips the next 2 weeks on how to do this. It may not be just one mode of transportation that gets you to where you need to go but a combination of walking and taking the bus, or bicycling and taking the bus (bike racks on the buses), or carpooling and walking. Need a car to get around to your work appointments during the day? Could you leave your car at work and use a different mode to get to and from work?

We have lots of tips and resources to help you. Check the carfreechallenge website regularly for tips and inspiration and the Way2Go Cortland website for helpful resources.

The Mayor of Cortland is doing this and you can too.



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