Survey results

From June 19 – July 19 our Facebook ad promoted a “How Do You Get Around” survey. We asked people in Cortland County to take the 1 minute survey and if they gave us contact info they would be entered into a drawing to win a $25 Downtown Partnership gift certificate.

We had 213 responses during that time frame. The winner of the gift certificate is Carole Ruyts of Cortland. The survey is still open if you would like to provide us some feedback. Check out the link on our website

Here are the results:
“How Do You Get Around” FB ad survey (from 6-19-14 to 7-19-14)
213 responses
1. What is your age range?
18-34 24.1%
35-54 45.8%
55-74 28.8%
75+ 1.4%

2. What is your primary mode of transportation?
82.6% personal vehicle
7.0% walk
5.7% public transit
2.4% bike
1.9% taxi
0.5% carpool

3. What other modes do you regularly use?
46.2% walk
36.8% personal vehicle
13.7% bike
10.9% carpool
10.4% public transit
8.5% taxi
3.8% agency

4. What modes do you use for regional (inter-county) trips?
79.7% personal vehicle
14.6% carpool
7.1% public transit (selected routes)
8.0% Greyhound/Trailways/Other
3.7% agency
2.8% bike
1.4% taxi
0.9% shuttle service

5. How often do you use taxi services?
71.2% Never/almost never
17.0% 1-2 times per year
5.7% Weekly
4.7% Monthly
1.4% Daily

6. How do you typically reserve a taxi trip?
98.3% call the taxi company
1.7% local agency books the trip
1.7% Other

7. Have you ever experienced any of these issues with taxi services in Cortland County?
48.1% Driver smoking in vehicle
55.8% Vehicle cleanliness is poor
63.5% Vehicle condition is poor
40.4% Poor customer service
77.0% Late pickup (by 10 minutes or more)
36.5% No-show

8. How has your overall experience been with taxi services in Cortland County?
43.3% Fair
28.3% Poor
25.0% Good
6.7% Very Poor
1.7% Excellent

9. What are your reasons for not using taxi services? (139 answered, 74 skipped question)
Most answered – have own vehicle; others cited cost, second-hand smoke, safety issues, never on time, cleanliness issues, “taxis seem sketchy and make me nervous,” “creepy” drivers.


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