Traffic fatalities

As much as we worry now about being in a car accident, 30 years ago it was much worse. In Onondaga County alone, fatal crashes have gone down by almost 70 percent since the 80s, according to an article on

What seems to be working? More people wearing seat belts, stronger penalties for drunk driving, and better education in schools appear to have made a difference.



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  1. To better enforcement of seat belt and drunk driving laws I would add overall sturdier and safer cars, but I’m not so sure there’s been any “better education in schools” at least regarding safe driving. Maybe I’m just crotchety, but in the 35 years plus that I’ve been driving, I have never seen such idiocy on the roads as there is nowadays nor so many drivers who don’t seem to care a lick about basic driving procedures nor simple courtesy. It’s really enough to make me think twice before even wanting to go anywhere in a car myself anymore.

    I’d hesitate to blame the schools totally; I know there are some good people trying to teach driver’s ed, but when there’s so little respect now for education in general, starting right in so many homes, it should hardly be surprising that so much good information goes right over the heads of so many young and not-so-young people.


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