The plane that can fly “forever”

An airplane powered by the sun. Science fiction?

No, actually in 2010, there was a flight that lasted 26 hours that was powered by the sun. And now plans are underway for a duo to fly 120 hours. describes the plane and the training that is necessary for the two to undergo.

There are 17,000 solar cells built into the wings which recharge lithium batteries to allow the plane to fly at night.

Imagine two people sitting in a cockpit for five days that is one and a half the interior volume of a Mini Cooper. They can only sleep for 20 minutes at a time. Their seat is packed with a parachute and a life vest and also acts as a toilet.

But, when one of the men was asked if he was afraid to do something again that has never been done, he responded, “I am very afraid of living in a world that burns one million tons of oil every hour — without even counting gas and coal; a world that is destroying the planet and the environment. I am much less afraid to fly in a solar-powered airplane because solar power is one of the solutions for the future.”



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