Public transit update

Here’s what is happening at the State level:

Regional mobility managers, transit professionals and county officials have been working with the Governor’s staff and the State Legislature.

We are recommending that the Governor make some administrative changes so that Medicaid trips are booked with local transit systems first (before using taxis) and at a rate that would cover the cost of providing the service.

We are asking the legislature to consider giving counties the right to opt out of the brokerage system and requiring that Medicaid trips be booked first on local transit systems.

The state budget will be decided in the next few weeks so it is critical to contact elected officials right away. Your letters and emails are important! If you depend on public transit, tell them your story. If you think public transit is important in a community, tell them why.

Here’s who you should contact:

Senator James Seward:

Assembly member Gary Finch:

Assembly member Barbara Lifton:

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo:

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver:

Majority Leader Senator Dean G. Skelos:

Karen Rae, Deputy Secretary for Transportation:


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