Traffic nightmare

I guess you could say Atlanta was in traffic hell yesterday as a couple of inches of snow and ice at the wrong time caused massive gridlock. Some were stranded in their cars overnight.

But as this CNN report shows, some see this as a catalyst for change. Atlanta is not known for its many transportation options. You pretty much need a car to get around.

“Liane Levetan, a former Georgia state senator, is one of the many Atlantans who wants more rail and road modifications. She thinks the gridlock could turn out to be a “godsend. We have got to realize that if we don’t do something with our transportation system — light rail, rail, modification of roads. You’ve got to have more transportation available. We really are a metropolis now,” she said… For us to be forward thinking, maybe this will be the catalyst. We’re being pennywise and pound foolish. If we want to be growth leaders, people have got to move around,” she said.”

Transportation is something we take for granted until it doesn’t work.



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