Bicyclists should be arrested

So says the Mayor of Watertown, N.Y. Anyone riding a bicycle in the winter and putting themselves and motorists in danger should be sent to the slammer.

From a blog posting on Streetsblog:
“I know I’m gonna get in trouble for this: People who are on bicycles out on streets like this — they should be arrested. I mean, that is a clear and present danger that is being created and if you’re gonna sit there and make the argument that texting while driving is reckless, doing that is reckless and it creates a danger for them and the motorists. Unfortunately, they’ve got their — quote — rights, so they can do it.”


I understand that it can be dangerous, as it is dangerous for those who walk in the streets. But people walk in the streets because we have given them no choice. We don’t keep our sidewalks shoveled and free from ice. There are places where there are no sidewalks. We have not made our streets conducive to bicycling. And those in cars don’t share the road very well.

We should be encouraging people to walk and bicycle more, even in the winter, not suggest that they are doing something criminal.



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