Car Free in Cortland (Part VI)

By Emma Ignaszewski
Getting around town this time of year certainly isn’t a picnic. It’s not even a brown bag lunch. But it certainly has its just desserts.

I was riding on public transit Monday morning, and the windows were glazed with ice like translucent fireworks hailing the crisp veil of snow over Cortland. Leaning against the glass, I watched the world go by as if painted in thick swipes of blue and white, light grazing shadow like old friends.

I wonder if Monet saw the light through an frosted window. I wonder if Van Gogh captured skies past ice and the fogged up breath of morning.

And it all would have been for naught had I been driving – no chance to spend thirty minutes in silent observance of frozen lace on the window.

Thank you public transit, for transforming my morning commute into a moment forever framed in beauty.


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