Winter driving tips

If you were on the roads this morning you know that winter has indeed arrived and some folks might need a refresher on how to drive in the winter.

Here are some winter driving tips from Consumer Reports.

Two of the tips that might help some of the drivers I saw this morning:

1. Avoid sudden actions when cornering
A sudden maneuver—such as hard braking, a quick turn of the steering wheel, sudden acceleration, or shifting a manual transmission—can upset a vehicle’s dynamics when it’s taking a turn. In slick conditions, this can cause it to more easily go out of control.

2. Be ready to correct for a slide
Should the rear end of the vehicle begin to slide during a turn, gently let off on the accelerator and turn the steering wheel in the direction of the slide. This will help straighten it out. If the front end begins to plow off course, again let up on the accelerator and hold the steering wheel in the direction you want to go. Once the car slows enough to regain traction, it should begin turning again.

Be safe and Happy Thanksgiving!



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