Transit and jobs

You may already know that public transit helps people get to services, whether it be to medical appointments, to the grocery store, to senior centers, or to other vital services in the community.

But did you know that public transit is vital to a strong economy? Low income workers who cannot afford a car but want to maintain their jobs use public transit. Higher income workers who want to save money, which they can invest elsewhere in the community, use public transit to get to work. Going from a 2 car household to a 1 car household could put an extra $8,000 – $10,000 in your pocket.

And then there are employers who depend heavily on public transit so their workers can get to work. If reliable transportation is not available, there will be much more turnover and training costs in a larger company.

Here’s an editorial from the Star-Tribune in Minnesota extolling the virtues of public transit.

“Transit also is essential for employers. For instance, one study reports that when employers are asked about transit access, they mention its role in their site-selection process more than any other factor. Expanded transit options are also frequently mentioned as essential elements for younger, millennial-generation employees when they choose a city to settle in.”

“Policymakers would be wise to remember that transit can be among the best investments in helping low-income workers, who in turn will better support their families.”



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