We know we should but …

We all know that walking is good for us but we don’t do it.

According to an article on the Kaiser Permanente website, a recent survey shows that people cite a lack of time and energy as a prime reason for not walking more. What was also an important reason was the lack of a walkable neighborhood and the lack of sidewalks.

Children are no longer walking to school. Only about 8% of kids who live within a mile of their school are walking there.

Finding time to walk is difficult when there are so many things that you must fit in your day. But could you incorporate walking into your daily routine by walking part of the way to work, walking to get lunch, even parking farther out when you have to go to meetings or the grocery store and walking part of the way?

Some people have found a way to get to the gym to work out but they rush there in their car to work out for an hour when they could have used that hour to walk back and forth to work. Getting out in the fresh air, getting your daily intake of Vitamin D from the sun, becoming more closely attuned to your community are all benefits you can achieve when you incorporate walking (or bicycling) into your commuting.



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