“Be Cool at School”

A young man who considers himself an environmentalist writes to Mr. Green and asks what is the best thing he can do for the earth once he goes off to college.

His answer which appears on the Mr. Green blog is to ditch his car.

“Abandoning your wheels is one of the greatest things you can do to shrink your collegiate environmental footprint, since burning a gallon of gas emits almost 20 pounds of carbon dioxide. That’s 600 pounds of CO2 in just four 200-mile trips home and back.”

Mr. Green suggests some alternatives – take the bus or train, sign up for a car sharing service, or carpool. A student (and their parents) can save a boatload of money on parking passes, maintenance and gas.

Some schools ban cars for freshman. Others have carsharing services like Zipcar or ridesharing services like Zimride. You can encourage your school to provide more environmentally friendly options.

SUNY Cortland. Are you listening?



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