The “Physical Internet”

The future of transportation is here. Well, not exactly here, as in the United States. But Tel Aviv, Israel will soon begin construction of the first magnetically levitated pod system of mass transit. Other countries considering the technology are India, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

In this article on TODNews you can see how this system will work. Two-seater pods will connect to a rail 20 feet above the ground.

“Each pod is powered by electric currents running from above. Magnetic levitation, or maglev, is enabled by magnets in each pod and an induction coil within the skyway; minimizes friction, resulting in a quiet and smooth ride.”

One can call up the pod via website or a mobile app. SkyTran is the private company developing this technology with help from NASA.

Hard for me to fathom but I guess folks had their doubts about cars, and then airplanes.



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