No room for a car

A new luxury condo complex in downtown Miami is almost half sold and offers a great cosmopolitan living experience. But one thing it doesn’t offer is room for your car.

I love the marketing slogan for the building, “Feel the Street, At Your Feet.” According to this story in The Atlantic Cities, they feature pictures of younger folks biking and walking and being happy about it.

If you just have to have a car, there’s a city owned lot nearby but that will cost you extra.
There are some other buildings in the area that are car-free but this development is making a statement. “‘With downtown at your feet, life moves beyond the commute,’ according to the promotional materials. ‘Drive time is replaced with walk time. When you live at the epicenter of a vibrant downtown, you can walk in any direction and find places to explore, shop, dance, walk, drink, lounge, or eat. And when you do need to leave your urban enclave, public transportation is conveniently nearby….'”

Being happy about it. That would be a real culture change in our community. Unfortunately, the image that some people have of folks who are walking and bicycling is that they are down and outers and have no other options. But I think that is starting to change, even here. There is an effort to get folks to rent the upper floors of the downtown buildings. And we are working on improving public transit and making other transportation options available to the community. It will take time but it’s a start.



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