Parking wars

Wars over land, wars over religious differences, wars over water.

And now parking wars!

New Delhi, India has more than 7.4 million cars. That’s in one city. That’s more than 3 other large cities (Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata) in India combined.

In this New York Times blog article it states that even city parks have been converted to parking spaces. And at least one person has died in an altercation caused by a parking dispute.

In the upscale areas of the city, there is space for each household to have 1 or 2 cars but many households have 5 cars.

And what is needed is not being done. There is no plan to regulate the number of cars. Some cities like Tokyo require proof of access to a parking space before they register the vehicle. Improvements in their public transport system is needed as well.

“In fact, encouraging people to stop driving is the only practical way to end the parking wars, said Anumita Roychowdhury, executive director at the Centre for Science and Environment.

‘Taking into account the annual increase in registration of new cars in Delhi, we would need at least 310 football fields every year to satisfy the growing demand for parking space,’ Ms. Roychowdhury said.”

Is this madness, or what?



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