Rebirth of streetcars

You probably don’t remember streetcars around Cortland County. But you have probably seen pictures of them. If you’ve been to New Orleans or San Francisco though you know that their streetcars/trolleys add a lot to the character of the city and help minimize car traffic.

Well streetcars are coming back all over the country. In this Forbes article, the author states that cities such as Minneapolis, Atlanta, New Orleans, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Seattle, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, Tucson and Los Angeles are expanding or starting a new streetcar system.

“With demand for public transit reaching record levels, many cities see streetcars as less costly than light rail or subway lines. New streetcars are quiet, and more electrically efficient than their predecessors. And, they have a certain charm that buses lack.”

Oh yes, charm. Did we mention charm?



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