Bike/Walk to Week winners

Angela Perry from Cornell Cooperative Extension in Cortland County just announced the winners from Bike/Walk to Work Week. There were 37 people forming 8 teams and they logged 436.98 miles in total.

Team AmeriCorps won a gift certificate to Central City Bar and Grill (donated by Way2Go Cortland and Mike Spollen from Central City). The team biked and walked 86 miles and had both the most miles and the most days of participation. Anthony Vincent of this team logged 47 miles and wins the Sarvay Shoe Company’s gift certificate (donated by Healthy Now).

Sisters with Blisters also won a certificate to Central City coming in second with 84 miles. Their team member Phyllis Guest won an individual Sarvay Shoes gift certificate for her 52 miles.

For those who were county employees they were eligible to be entered into a draw for a Cortland Downtown Partnership Gift Certificate which was sponsored by the County Wellness Committee. Frank Fedele and Sharon VanDueson won those drawings.

Thanks to all who participated and we hope that you continue biking and walking to work or school.



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