Audio ads

If you’re a bus rider, how do you feel about advertising on the buses?

In many larger cities you can see entire buses wrapped in ads. Other cities may only have smaller exterior panels on the buses and some small ads inside the bus. Most people are used to ads, whether they are on TV, on a billboard, or on a bus. You can pretty much ignore the ads if you want.

But what about audio advertising on buses? Some bus companies have started to implement an audio advertising program. So let’s say the bus is going to stop at a high school within the next two stops. If you are on the bus you may hear a 15-30 second ad for a specific college. Or let’s say the bus will be stopping soon near a McDonald’s restaurant. You might hear an ad for McDonald’s.

I imagine there might be more folks on the buses with headphones on so they can listen to their own music, audio books, or just drown out the audio ads.

What is your take?



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