Active workplaces

This article starts out by stating, “The day many Americans start working full-time is the day their health begins to deteriorate.”

Well I know they are not encouraging people to quit their jobs. But how can we design more active workplaces where people are not sitting all day at their desks and sitting in their cars on their long commutes home?

Research is showing that sitting is killing us. What can you do to move more at work? I have recently set an alarm to go off every hour at work so I can remind myself to get up out of my chair and do some stretching or take a short walk. When the weather starts to cooperate more I will most definitely be walking at least part of the way to work. Some people are even setting up computers so they can stand while they work or they use exercise balls to sit on instead of a chair.

And some always take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Any other ideas to share?



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