It’s all related

I heard this on NPR yesterday. Employers want a healthy workforce and companies are starting to look at health stats for a community before deciding to relocate there. Stats like childhood obesity rates can tell them about the health of their future workforce.

We all know that it comes down to dollars and cents. A substantial percentage of the costs of doing business for a company is health insurance. The healthier their workforce is, the lower the cost of providing health care.

And even though not specifically mentioned in the NPR piece, transportation plays a big part in this. If we can get people out of their cars, walking and bicycling, that goes a long way towards a healthier community. And a community that is walkable and bike friendly is more appealing to both employers and employees.

It’s all inter-related.

Listen to the NPR piece.

How does Cortland measure up? Take a look at the most recent Cortland Counts.



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