Streets Alive

In February Sustainable Cortland hosted a “Cookies and Conversation” event and I was the leader of the conversation that month. I showed some Streetsfilms videos and we talked about how we could incorporate some of those ideas in those videos into the Cortland community.

One of the videos showed the Ciclovia in South America. During Ciclovia, a street or several streets are closed to traffic and people take over the streets. People bike, walk, or rollerblade and often there are dance demonstrations or other activities to get folks moving.

Ciclovia events are becoming popular all over the world. They may call it something different but the idea is the same. Streets are for people, not for cars.

I think it would be a great idea to try in Cortland. Neighboring Ithaca already has an event called Streets Alive and the next one is coming up on May 5. Why not check it out and if you think it’s a good idea we should start talking to our city council members and/or the downtown partnership. Here’s a video that was produced for the Ithaca event. (I especially like the person making the smoothies while she bikes!)



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