Access to jobs

You can’t separate employment from transportation. People need to be able to get to their jobs, whether by car, bus, bike or foot.

And finding work when you don’t have a car, or there’s no bus service to the job, or it’s too far to walk is an enormous challenge.

There are so many stories of people who have had good jobs and had the means to get to those jobs. But once they lost those jobs and could not afford the upkeep of their cars, their options became severely diminished.

That is why a robust transit network is so vitally important to a community. If we want people to work then it’s important to support transit and that doesn’t just mean bus service. We need to have good pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure so that people can have that option. We need to look at vanpools and ridesharing as ways that people can share resources. And of course a convenient and reliable bus system is vital.

If you’re not convinced take a look at this article in the Huffington Post.



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