A walkable neighborhood isn’t enough

A walkable neighborhood isn’t enough to get people to walk.

A study done in Seattle and reported on KPLU shows that just because a neighborhood is walkable doesn’t necessarily translate to more people walking.

They mentioned that it’s important to distinguish between transportation walking and recreational walking. Recreational walkers may even drive to a different locale to do their walking. Transportation walkers need to be within a manageable distance from work or shopping to make this work.

And getting people to walk at least 30 minutes a day is challenging.

“When public dollars are limited, and street improvements are expensive, it might make sense to build a few walking trails, but focus more on the social side. For example, hiring someone through a recreation program, to facilitate walking groups or help people meet their neighbors, could get more people walking than pouring sidewalks.”

Take a look around the City of Cortland or the Village of Homer. In the warmer months I do see people walking after dinner for recreational purposes. Fewer people walk to work or to shop.

What can we do to get folks to walk more?



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