Not just for commuters

Guest post from Emma:

Ithaca’s great – I went to school there for four years, relishing the TCAT bus routes that facilitated grocery shopping and adventuring. And now, living in Cortland, I have had a few opportunities to visit Ithaca and reconnect with the Cornell community. But it’s not TCAT that offers transportation between Ithaca and downtown Cortland, no. That accomplishment belongs to Cortland Transit.

Even for a weekend visit, it was almost too easy. On Friday, I stepped onto the Route 7 bus at the County Office Building at four in the afternoon and stepped off in the middle of the Cornell campus a short while later. Come Monday morning, I met the bus on campus just before eight and was back in downtown Cortland well in time for my first work meeting of the week.

Many don’t know that Route 7 works both ways – it’s loop, really, providing access to both Ithaca and Cortland. It’s cheap – $2 each way, which can easily be a quarter of the price you’d pay in gas, depending on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Cortland Transit is for everyone. Be a friend to your wallet and the earth and take the bus.


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