What is placemaking?

What is the process to make people feel attached to the places where they live?

The Project for Public Spaces is a planning, design and educational organization that helps people “create and sustain public places that build stronger communities.”

In this blog post they share their thoughts about what makes a community vibrant.

Here are a few quotes from the article that I wanted to share and might pique your interest to read the entire article. It’s worth it!

“Every neighborhood—every plaza, square, park, waterfront, market, and street—can be vibrant, but if people don’t feel like they can contribute to shaping their places, vibrancy can’t exist. Period. Gentrification, which is often blamed on honest attempts to create more vibrant, livable places, is what happens when we forget that vibrancy is people; that it cannot be built or installed, but must be inspired and cultivated.”

“We do not work for better public spaces so that people will have somewhere to sit and eat gelato; we do it so that they will have somewhere to sit and talk with their neighbors. Whether or not that conversation is about art (or politics, or food, or education, or sports…) is beside the point.”

“You know that you’re in a great place when you’re surrounded by all different sorts of people, but still feel like you belong. When people feel encouraged to participate in shaping the life of a space, it creates the kind of open atmosphere that attracts more and more people.”

Food for thought.



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