Guest post on carpooling

from Cindy

“Carpooling IS a savings….

My husband and I both travel approximately 8 miles round trip to get to work, and work within a few blocks of each other in the city of Cortland. It dawned on us, that despite the relatively short mileage, it still would be worth carpooling at least 3 times a week, when our schedules allow. We’ve been doing this for about a year now. My co-worker recently asked if it really makes that much difference in savings, and I’m happy to say it REALLY DOES make a difference in the amount of money we spend on gas. I can go 2-3 more extra weeks before I put gas in my car. Granted, my car is the least used car on the weekends, but savings is savings. I’d rather have that money in my pocket than in a gas pump.
Other perks…I get into a nice warm car when he picks me up after work and I get to look at the scenery when traveling instead of driving. Plus it gives us a bit of time to share our days.”


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