No transportation fairy?

Glens Falls is a city similar to Cortland. Both cities are in predominantly rural counties and transportation is both necessary and challenging.

Glens Falls is currently looking to re-evaluate their evening transit service due to low ridership. We encountered the same problem when we recently implemented our Winter Route which expanded bus service to evenings and weekends. For the people who really need the service it’s a godsend but there aren’t enough of them to make running the service cost-effective.

In rural counties it’s also much more difficult to convince people to give up their cars. As stated in this Post-Star editorial , “there is no transportation fairy, and we won’t be giving up our cars until the gas nozzles are pried from our cold, dead fingers.”

I would like to think that we could shift more folks to public transit, whether to save money or to help the planet, and I think we can. But the challenges are great.

Any thoughts?



One response to this post.

  1. Given what scofflaws, maniacs and brain-dead inconsiderate boobs most drivers seem to be nowadays, I wish more of them used public transportation. Anything to get ’em off the roads.


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