On the horizon – no traffic lights?

I’ve written before about new technology that will allow for driverless vehicles. If you’ve followed this, then you could have guessed what is next in line. And that would be virtual traffic lights.

In this article in The Atlantic Cities, Eric Jaffe writes about technology being developed at Carnegie Mellon University that will shift traffic control from fixed lights to inside the cars themselves.

“The basic world of Virtual Traffic Lights operates like this: as you approach an intersection, your car transmits data, such as location and speed, to other nearby cars. The virtual system processes this information for all the cars in the area, with the help of a lead car that changes every cycle, and determines your individual traffic signal. Instead of seeing a red or green light hanging in the intersection, you see it on your windshield and stop or go accordingly.”

The system could go a long way in reducing congestion.

Oh, the changes we will see.



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