Are you a slug?

I’m not talking about the slugs that invade your garden, the illegal coins, or bullets. In Washington DC and a few other cities slugs are those people who carpool.

Slugging is different from the ridesharing and carpooling that most of us are familiar with. A driver who wants to use the HOV-3 lanes which will get them into the city much faster must have at least 3 people in their vehicle. So the driver will stop at a suburban commuter lot and pick up two strangers who are waiting there for a ride. The driver gets to use the HOV-3 lane and the riders get a free ride into the city.

Sounds a lot like hitchhiking to me but they say it is different and it’s been around a long time. Having three people in the car makes people feel safer than just two.

Find out more at this article.



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