Gas taxes

How to pay for repairs to roads and bridges?

This USA Today article discusses what states are facing as the amount of money raised from gas taxes continues to decline.

Sixteen states haven’t raised their gas taxes in 20 years or more. Some are looking to increase their gas tax. Virginia is looking at using an increase in state sales tax with a portion allocated for transportation instead of a gas tax to fund transportation. Some states are looking at replacing their gas tax with a tax by miles traveled. Cars would need to have a GPS installed device to tally the number of miles driven.

We all know that roads and bridges must be maintained. But again, the question is always where the money is going to come from.

In the article it lists the gasoline tax for each state and how many years since it was raised. Guess who has the highest gas tax?

You guessed it. New York at 50.6 cents per gallon. (It seems that USA Today may have run an outdated graphic. According to this chart by the American Petroleum Institute New York’s gas tax is quite a bit higher – 69 cents per gallon) – 2/10/13



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