Velomobiles in Cortland

I hope you got to see the article in yesterday’s Cortland Standard on all-weather biking. Katie Hall did a nice job profiling Harry Bridger, a man who is developing his passion for “custom eco-utilitarian transportation” right here in Cortland County.

A velomobile is a covered, three wheeled recumbent bike. Harry has given up his car and now rides his bikes everywhere. He has riden to McGraw and even to Trumansburg. He works at Apex Tools but spends his free time creating custom bicycles.

Katie called me last Friday for some comments about bicycle riding in Cortland, especially in winter. I gave her some information about how popular it is in other countries like Denmark and other states like Minnesota and their weather is just as bad or worse than ours. So it can be done, especially with a velomobile where you are somewhat protected from the elements.

Want to contact him? Email Harry at

A webpage is in development.



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  1. Thank you Jan, for the kind words! It was a pleasure meeting & chatting with you and your husband last week. It’s always great talking bikes with others that share the passion 🙂 I’m very excited about the upcoming pedaling season. Though I ride everyday, it’s lonely out there in this weather. Surely looking forward to seeing more people pedaling and getting involved in the local events and programs.


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