Scary news in Madison County

As reported in The Post-Standard on Saturday, our neighbor to the northeast Madison County is cutting funding for its public transportation system, effective May 31.

Tough decisions are being made in every county as counties grapple with increased costs for health insurance, retirement, and Medicaid.

And even though the number of riders was not as high as they expected, there are still around 1,200 people a month using public transit.

How will these people get around?

I hope they have some type of contingency plan because the answer isn’t as simple as some people think. One person commenting at the bottom of the story thinks that everyone without a car should move to a city and walk to get around.

What about those who are elderly and can’t walk due to mobility issues or blindness? What about those who have a disability and need a wheelchair to get around? What about those who can’t afford to live in a city where rents are higher?

No simple answers, for sure.



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