This boggles my mind

How about yours?

In a recent blog post by Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood:

“When we first began fighting against distracted driving in 2009, only 18 states had laws prohibiting drivers from texting behind the wheel. Now, after more than three years of our safety campaign, the number of states that ban texting while driving has reached 39, plus the District of Columbia, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Ten states and DC, Guam, and the Virgin Islands also prohibit talking on a handheld phone while driving.”

Really, only 39 states?

How could any state allow texting while driving? That’s utterly insane. It’s bad enough that people break the law in New York every day while talking on cellphones and texting. But for a state to permit it?!!

I certainly would not want to drive in any of these states – Arizona, Hawaii, Texas, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Montana, Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, Missouri or New Mexico.



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