Attracting the “creative class”

What are cities doing these days to attract the “creative class?” These are the younger talented workers that companies must attract in order to  compete in this ever changing world.

One of the least expensive ways is to invest in bike infrastructure. According to this online article on, Minneapolis is one of the cities that is doing just that.

“Minneapolis has invested heavily in biking. It has created a network of off-street trails, added 180 miles of bike lanes to its streets, launched one of the first U.S. bikeshare programs and created protected lanes that separate cyclists from motor traffic. All those help explain why it lands near the top of lists ranking America’s best bike cities.”

Across the country, companies are moving from the suburbs to downtown locations so their employees can take advantage of the opportunity to commute by bike or on foot.

And research has shown that younger people are driving less.

It’s an exciting shift in our culture.

As the CEO of Launch Memphis puts it, “Biking correlates with entrepreneurs.”

And let me state again, the cold and snowy winters in CNY should not be a factor. Not when you see what’s happening in Denmark and Minneapolis.




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