Denmark vs. U.S.

Should we try to be more like Denmark?

“Ninety percent of Copenhageners own a bike. Only 29 percent of Copenhagen households own a car.  Fifty-eight percent of Copenhageners use a bike on a daily basis for at least small trips, and 37 percent make their daily commute on bikes. (The city’s target is 50 percent by 2015.) Many government service providers now use bicycles, like postal workers and police officers. With a robust public transportation network to complement the biking routes, only 31 percent need to commute by car. The energy impacts of this are huge: Bicycles have displaced more than one-third of all transportation fossil fuel use in Copenhagen and, in the process, eliminated 90,000 tons of greehouse gas emissions each year.”

And, sorry, you can’t use the weather as an excuse.

For more about how Denmark has embraced bicycling check out this article on



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