Connections between transportation and health

It’s pretty obvious that utilizing transportation modes such as walking and bicycling can enhance your health.

But did you know that those who take buses or trains are also enhancing their health, usually because they need to walk or bike to their transit stops?

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has published an infographic showing many of these connections between transportation and health.

It is reprinted in this article on the DC Streetsblog.

Some interesting tidbits:

46% of people will walk 1 mile to church or school; 35% will walk 1 mile to work; only 1% will walk 3-4 miles to school/church/work.

Public transit users walk an average of 19 minutes daily to get to their transit stops.

Your risk of obesity increases 6% for every hour spent in a car; it decreases 5% for every kilometer walked.

For every dollar saved by moving to more affordable housing, 77 cents is spent on a longer commute to work.



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