Being taken for a ride

There’s a great guest column in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune about one person’s view of the benefits of mass transit and walking.

The columnist grew up in the Twin Cities but lived on the East Coast for 9 years where she was introduced to the joys of mass transit and walking around her neighborhood.

Now she is back in the Twin Cities and she realizes she hates to drive.

“There’s one argument for investing in mass transit that I find more compelling than all others put together, and which I don’t hear expressed much: It makes life better.

Driving is expensive. Gas is expensive. Insurance is expensive. Parking is expensive. Car maintenance is expensive. Cars are expensive.”

She also says driving is unhealthy, isolating and boring.

For many folks in Cortland County driving a car is how we have always gotten around. If you have never lived anywhere where mass transit is commonplace, the idea of walking to work or a bus stop or taking a bus is foreign, uncomfortable and perhaps scary.

Now is the time though to try something new, to push past your boundaries, to see your community in a different light.

Need a Bus Buddy to show you the way or more information about transportation alternatives?  Check out our website at



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