Why is it easier to get around in Germany?

We are always hearing that European countries are so much farther ahead of us  in their transportation network. Why is it that Germans ride 5 times more mass transit than Americans?

According to an article in the Atlantic Cities 88 percent of Germans live within 1 kilometer of a transit stop compared to 43 percent of Americans.

Fares are substantially higher for single rides, even though there are attractive discounts for children, the elderly and students. Fares actually account for 75% of operating costs.

They have great regional coordination which minimizes transfer times.

Public policy in Germany discourages car ownership. Fuel costs are very high. 60 percent of fuel costs goes to taxes. In America the gas tax has not gone up since 1993 and can’t even cover infrastructure repairs.

Land use planning in Germany emphasizes dense, mixed use development.

Researchers have concluded that “without the necessary policies to restrict car use and make it more expensive, American public transport is doomed to remain a marginal means of transport, used mainly by those who have no other choice.”

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