More obesity in rural areas?

According to a recent Los Angeles Times article , research has shown that people who live in rural areas are at a higher risk of being obese than those living in more urban areas.

23 percent of the American population lives in a rural area. 39.6 percent of them are obese compared to 33.4 percent that live in an urban area.

The researchers attribute this to a rural diet that consists of more rich, homemade foods with lots of meat and desserts, the increased mechanization of farm work, and the isolation that exists in a more rural setting.

How about the fact that almost everyone who lives in a rural area has to drive to get anywhere and some of them are driving long distances to get to jobs every day? Not all of those who live in a rural area are farmers and even for those who are farming, I’m guessing at least one of the family members goes off to work in a city to help support the family.

I have to believe that driving everywhere is another important factor.



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