Lots of transpo news today

From reading this morning’s Post-Standard I am able to share three interesting stories:

1. New York State issued new regulations yesterday concerning dwi convictions. If someone has 5 or more alcohol or drug related driving convictions during their lifetime they will not be able to get their license reinstated. DMV will also deny relicensing if someone had 3 or more convictions and at least one serious driving offense (i.e. fatality) within the last 25 years. And if a driver who has lost their license (suspended or revoked) because of DWI, they will not be able to get it back in seven weeks by completing an education program.

2. The City of Oswego has adopted a law that registered sex offenders and anyone found guilty of a felony within the last 10 years will not be able to drive a taxi. Background checks will be performed by the police. Lawsuits are imminent.

3. Gov. Jerry Brown of California signed a bill to allow California to have driverless cars on the road. The cars actually have a driver behind the wheel but the computers in the car are actually driving the vehicle. Google, Stanford University and Ford Motor are actually working on autonomous cars that can drive themselves.



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