Apps and social media change carpooling

Do you remember ride boards? Well, looking to share a ride with someone is getting a whole lot easier to arrange.

Technology is changing everything. Car-pooling Makes a Surge on Apps and Social Media

There are now ridesharing websites and apps to help you find someone to ride with. Social media sites like Facebook allow you to check out a  person before you get in a car with them.

Carpooling has been around a long time but Americans are still reluctant to give up their solo commuting.

“ hopes social networks will help ease its entry into the stubborn United States market. “If car-pooling is done right,” said its chief executive, Markus Barnikel, ‘you’ll likely have a better sense of the person driving a ride-share vehicle than you do a bus or taxi driver, and can even forge a relationship with them.'”

If you can find someone going in your direction it certainly makes sense to carpool. As gas starts to approach $4.00 a gallon once again, there’s no better time to look at alternatives.



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