Minnesota – the most bike friendly state?

Yes, Minnesota, whose winters are not exactly balmy.

Minnesota has gone all out to court bicyclists and it’s paying off. In an article on the Fast Company website the author states, “With over $1 billion in annual revenue in Minnesota and swarms of merch-hungry cyclists, bike culture is becoming an economic force to be reckoned with.”

They converted older bus shelters into bike tune up shelters. They have mobile apps to show the many state bicycle routes. A website was put together, Pedal Minnesota, by a coalition of eight public partners. Health Partners, Minnesota Department of Transportation, Explore Minnesota Tourism, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota, Minnesota Department of Health, Parks and Trails Council, and the National Park Service all worked together to make this happen.

If it can happen in Minnesota, why not here?

The Bon Ton Roulet, a recreational bike tour, takes place in the Finger Lakes region every summer. The tour starts from Cortland and attracts more than 500 riders from across the country. This is just one example of how bicycling dollars can come into our communities. Getting people to ride bicycles instead of driving their cars would have an even greater impact, especially when it comes to the health of our people and the planet.



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