Fastest way back to the hotel

So when the USA Olympic basketball team needed to get back to their London hotel, did they get in a limo or a taxi?

Nope, they took public transit because it was the quickest way back.

The New Yorker notes:

“These guys are well-travelled superstars. They’re rich as bejesus. They can get around however they want.  But on Monday night, after a victory over Argentina, Chris Paul’s Twitter feed featured a shot of a bunch of very tall men in their post-game sweats, waiting on the platform to catch the high-speed Javelin train from Olympic Park into town. “#fasterwaybacktothehotel,” Paul wrote.”

As Sarah Laskow mentions on, “Seriously, if Kobe Bryant and LeBron James can use public transportation, so can everybody else.”

The key part in the paragraph above  is high-speed Javelin train. Does anyone really think you would have seen them on a public bus? When public transit is fast, efficient, and clean then it works – for everyone.




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