We have a winner!

Although the weather was nasty at the beginning of the event, the ADA Celebration in Courthouse Park this past Saturday was a good opportunity to celebrate and hear inspiring stories of what the Americans with Disabilities Act has meant in the lives of so many.

The hardy souls who strolled and rolled in the rain from Access to Independence to Courthouse Park and those who joined them in the park heard from Sally Johnston from Enable in Syracuse, Terre Dennis from Congressman Hanna’s office, and Mayor Brian Tobin. Even a falling tree branch (narrowly missing the tent) couldn’t stop the celebration. There was a live feed from WXHC so maybe you heard it all on the radio.

The stories from those in attendance who have benefited from the ADA were truly inspiring.

The lunch catered by Kory’s Place was great and the watermelon eating contest was won by our mayor. Way2Go Mayor Tobin!

At the Way2Go Cortland table I heard from several people who have some major issues with the mobility options in  the county and others who are so thankful for the bus system.

And we have a winner – of our free monthly bus pass. Mark Bregard won by coming closest to guessing the correct number of bus tokens in the jar. Congratulations Mark and thanks to Cortland Transit for donating the pass!

Thanks to Fran Pizzola, Mary Ewing, Chad Underwood and all the Access to Independence staff (and all the many sponsors) for a wonderful event.



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